Beyond the Pyrenees, the status of the new Iberia book

Salve english-speaking sodalis!

Although not my usual fare to write in English the occasion deserves it! The publication of the new Iberian Tribunal book, being developed by the Holocubierta (the Spanish publisher of Ars Magica), comes closer and closer. Today the authors, Mario and Oscar, took some time to host a streaming where they discussed some bits and pieces of what’s to come.

Just in case you don’t speak Spanish but are still interested here is a summary of the points covered in the video:

Status of the work

  • Currently most of the core text (98%-99%) is already written by the authors, has been reviewed by them and is now being edited by the publisher.
  • The next step will be to go through the composition work
  • Art is already being commissioned, this includes the cover art, the illustration for the interior pages, and a hand drawn map of the Tribunal!

Some numbers about the Tribunal’s demographics

  • The book will include a host of magi and magae ¡155 of them and more than 30 Covenants! As the physical territory is vast and full of stories the authors are aiming to provide a veritable army of adventure hooks that cover a wide representation of the Iberian history and myth.
  • The book will cover the whole of the peninsula south of the Pyrenees and a bit of North Africa (as it’s of a single polity with the Muslim states) but will be coherent with the Between Sand & Sea supplement.
  • To estimate the number of magi the authors not only considered the narrative needs of the Tribunal but also used as a benchmark the information appeared in Sub Rosa #14, population models for the middle ages and other sources.
  • The book will cover all the main polities of the Tribunal with the inclusion of information for the Crown of Aragon and it’s uneasy union with the Catalan Counties, the mountainous kingdom of Navarra, the bellicose kingdom of Portugal, the fraternal (sometimes fratricide) kingdoms of Leon and Castile and the more exotic lands of the Muslim Al-Andalus.
  • The authors also explained that they took good care that most of the Covenants and characters do have complex and history rich relations among them. Giving the players the potential to set off complex chain reactions of events that might shake the whole Tribunal!

Sneak peek on the Covenants of Iberia

  • Although they want to avoid any potential spoiler or early reveal (for the time being!) the authors detailed that we can expect 5 Covenants in the Crown of Aragon, 9 in Al-Andalus, 6 in Leon and Castile, 2 in Navarra and 3 in Portugal.
  • Some Covenants that appeared on Third Edition and are still canon in the Fifth Edition might reappear, but they have been reworked from scratch (hopefully with far less demonic meddling).
  • The first Covenant teases is Barcelona. A powerful Mercere House with several chapter houses Barcelona is deeply entwined with the intrigues of the powerful Catalan merchants and their interests over the Mediterranean.
  • Also they have presented Ajabeba. A Covenant located in the balearic islands and still under Muslim control the magi of this Covenant are set to cause plenty of trouble with their practice of ¡magically assisted piracy!
  • Finally, the big bad guys (for some) Duresca are back in force. A center for both the judiciary of the Tribunal and its corruption the authors hinted that the Guernicus Covenant is to play a key role in the power games around the Way of Santiago.

Still no date for publication has been announced although it’s been confirmed that first they will need to conclude the launch of the Spanish version of Mystery Cults which will happen by April’s end.

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