Beyond the Pyrenees, the Iberian Tribunal book gets closer

Salve (again) english-speaking sodales!

Once again the Red Caps (well in fact the excellent blog from one of the coauthors) about the incoming brand new Iberian Tribunal book. For the benefit of non Spanish speaking fans let’s summarize what it says.

Let’s remember: the Spanish publisher of Ars Magica (Holocubierta) was approved by Atlas to develop a new Tribunal Book for the lands of the Iberian peninsula as the only existing one is a certainly out of date third edition one. The book is being written by long time translator of the line (for this edition) Mario and all around Archmagus (and translator of other RPGs) Oscar. Both are long time players and directors of Ars Magica and for sure know the game in and out.

Status of the book

It seems that the book is almost done and that the art for it starts to fall in place (the top of this post shows the cover art) so everything goes forward at great speed!

In the post it’s mentioned that the book might (emphasis on the conditional) be going into crowdfunding before the year is over.

What news do we have about the book in this last post?

  • The manual finally has a title “Finis Terrae” (End of the Earth in latin). This similar to the other manual books of the 5th edition is supposed to evocate the theme of the Tribunal. In this case the idea that Iberia is not just the political frontier of the Order of Hermes but also literally where the people of Mythic Europe expected it to end. As they say… hic sunt dracones.
  • Another of the main themes will be around the coexistence (sometimes pacific many times not much so) not only between the three religions of the book but also between the Order of Hermes and other non-hermetic magical traditions.
  • The two biggest chapters in the book seem to be dedicated to hermetic and mundane history. The aim is to allow troupes to gain a sufficient understanding of the Iberian history that allows them to play at various points in time and not just the canonical 1220 start.
  • The structure of the book will mirror the 5th edition ones. So we can expect that apart from the chapters for the historical data (mundane and hermetic) we will also have separate chapters per region with the story seeds and covenant info spread around those.
  • As mentioned in some previous teasers it seems that the number of covenants described, both current and extinct, will be very high.
  • It has been teased that at least during part of it’s history the Tribunal will suffer a split between two sub-Tribunals. Other elements of the game’s metaplot will also appear like the infamous Duresca Scrolls.

The post also pointed that soon enough they will do a new live stream to discuss more about the book. So keep you posted!

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